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2020-03 Corona virus strikes

Due to Corona pandemic we canceled some seminar activities. On the positive side: We have added new articles in the blog.

2020-01 New seminars and blog article

Don't miss our exciting seminars in the year 2020. Check them out in the event calendar. Also we have added a new article in the blog.

2019-06 New: Archive of Articles

On this web site we publish timeless classic or new articles about Armadong Kali and the history of Armadong Kali. One milestone in the history of Armadong Kali is the often referenced article "Open Hands of PT Kali" first published by Uli Weidle on March 2003. Because the original source is offline, we decided to republish it here. Other classic and new articles will follow.

2019-04 We start offering german language

The german content will gradually show. Please have patience. It will take a while until the whole page will be translated.

2018-11 Headgear & Glove Weekend in Würzburg
2018-11 Three Kali Days in Prague, Czech Republic
2018-10 Kali Weekend in Vienna, Austria
2018-10 Armadong Military Power Up
2018-04 Level Up in Bern, Switzerland
2018-03 Formidable Five of Armadong Kali

First time Armadong Kali has been introduced to a bigger crowd.

2018-03 Armadong.Com is online

ArkaWeb is online! Yes, the new version of Armadong Kali Website is online and sizzling hot with several new features. Don't forget to check out the blog! It's not hard to find (right side of main menu). You have questions? Are you interested in a specific topic? Leave a comment or send email to

Training in times of Corona virus

How to train if the gym is closed or if a virus like Corona is in the vicinity. 

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Change starts ... the next step

2020 will be the year Armadong Kali is going public. To make that next step more visible we have a new logo. 

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Round about the Knife

What are the benefits of training with a knife? Why knife training is an advantage, even if you have to defend yourself empty handed? How does training with knife, stick and empty hands combine in one system to make you a better fighter and better person?  

Read the article (first published June 2004)

Open Hands of Kali

In the western world a common believe about empty hands fighting is, that empty hands fighting means fist fighting. In contrast to that believe, there is no doubt among knowledgeable and experienced self-defence experts, that open hand strikes are truly effective and superior body weapons.

Read the article (first published March 2003)

Von Pekiti Tirsia Europe zu Armadong Kali

To live means to change: in this case from Pekiti Tirsia Europe to Armadong Kali Society. A recollection of the past and a path into the future...

As of now the following letter is only available in German language.

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Do You Speak Italiano?

Cleaning out my bookshelf and archives I found an July 2001 issue of Samurai magazine with an article written by Alessandro Crizman about my first Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar in Italy.

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The Strike–Attack–Dominate seminars provide a compact experience of the Armadong Kali system as a practical system for self-defence, as a useful life support system, and as a guideline for proper problem solving.

The 3 seminars follow the 3 golden guidelines of self–defence:

  1. protect yourself

  2. neutralise danger

  3. remove danger

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Against the wind

Armadong Kali is a martial arts system with 3 simple guidelines.

This blog post describes how the guideline Thought Provoking Process keeps Armadong Kali a constantly tested and progressive self-defense system, that becomes a true journey of self-discovery.


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Juego Todo – Philippines Travel Report 2018 

In our association we share the positive aspects of Filipino martial arts and lifestyles with interested people, and we also ensure that Filipinos in their homeland feel our recognition. Read this report on the new Kali movie Buy Bust, the Kali Training with Filipino Kalista, a Juego Todo Tournament, the school and kindergarten groups we support in the Philippines and more experiences from Punong Bantai Uli Weidle during his trip to the Philippines.

Let the training feel real

Dancing on the thin line between well known repetitions and serious danger. Making the training feel real! 

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