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Armadong Kali

Armadong Kali practitioners train in close personal contact with Pekiti Tirsia Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle to preserve the philosophy, spirit and fighting methods of Filipino Martial Arts.

  1. Armadong Kali is built on experience, life appreciating values, and a dynamic exchange within the community of practitioners

  2. Armadong Kali is a pragmatic, pressure tested martial arts with life appreciating solutions and values

  3. Armadong Kali practitioners practice to become the best version of themselves they can be, and to inspire to make the world a better place.


Armadong Kali brings out the best in you.

Technical Description

Technically Armadong Kali is about taking control in a situation by (re-)gaining the initiative.


It is about protection by an optimised attack, which minimises probability of counter.


It is about flow, which allows for immediate adaptation and continuation of action without hesitation or doubt.


Armadong Kali is an expression of confidence, that is based on training, power and experience.

Armadong Kali an expression of confidence, that is based on training, power and exprience

Training Description

Armadong Kali is taught in a highly personalised level. Training is typically in small groups (<5 persons) or personal training.

Armadong Kali is composed of skill development exercises and fight exercises, which are mostly with partner(s) and dynamic in execution.


Armadong Kali training has a fair use of protective equipment, real and simulated weapons, so that training exchanges are close to real application.

One of the key concepts of Armadong Kali is to utilise all available body weapons and tools all the time. In other words: In Armadong Kali there are no idle hands and no idle feet!

Key concepts of Armadong Kali: refined attack, better counter, no idle hands and no idle feet
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