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Emmer "em'motion" Datiles
Appr Instructor, bronze

Germany, Haina, Hessen

A Filipino practitioner, born and raised in Philippines and currently sharing the knowledge and the beauty of Armadong Kali in Frankenberg (Eder) & Haina Kloster Hessen Germany

.Armadong Kali is based on the philosophy of joy of life (Kalipayan), which is exemplified by the filipino culture and lifestyle. To me the Filipino Martial Art Armadong Kali is where functional self-defense meets with artful expression of movement.


Armadong Kali is where I can apply my human creativity while exploring a meaningful path to self-discovery.


Being born with a blood of this Martial Art and raised in the country where it is originated is considered as a gift for me, and having Tuhon Uli as my Punong Bantay who inspires me to be better and helps to enrich my homeland culture and my own knowledge of this Filipino Martial Art. Therefore, it keeps me motivated and urge me to share and spread the "Kalipayan" of Armadong Kali to the world to the best of my capabilities.

More instructor profiles will be added here as the pictures and profiles become available.


For a current list a Armadong Kali instructors and partners have a look at: Official Partners

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