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In 30 years of teaching Pekiti Tirsia Kali Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle successfully trained more than 50 students to instructor level. Some of them achieved highest ranks in Pekiti Tirsia or became head teachers in other Filipino Martial Arts.

Only trainers with highest technical and personal standard are chosen to become Armadong Kali trainers. Read more about instructor selection and the meaning of the bronze, silver and gold stars in our blog.

More instructor profiles will be added here as the pictures and profiles become available. For a current list a Armadong Kali instructors and partners have a look at: Official Partners



Gold Stars

Uli Weidle (Punong Bantay)

Gold Star Master Instructor ⭐️







Uli Weidle started practising martial arts when he was 6 years old and since then he was always active practising. His first martial arts was Karate. After several years of practising he found his interest in kickboxing (sports karate as it was named then) and western boxing.
Uli won several tournaments, but because his interest was in self-defence he never stopped searching for answers.

The last 30 years he's been focusing on Filipino Martial Arts, particularly the Pekiti Tirsia system. For 15 years he was travelling more then 30 times to Philippines,…




Thomas Müller
Silver Star Instructor

Germany, Osnabrück

I have been doing Pekiti Tirsia Kali for 25 years. I have studied mechanical engineering and am working now as an engineer for an automotive supplier. Besides my studies and work, training of the Filipino Martial Art always was and will be very important to me.

From the late 1990s till today I appreciate and consider myself lucky for the personal contact and the training I received from Greg Alland, Uli Weidle and Leo T. Gaje, the keeper of the Pekiti Tirsia style.

Embracing the motto of Greg Alland: "Have Sticks - Will Travel", the training has taken me to many countries. Among others I travelled to Philippines several times and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know people from different cultures and places on a personal and private basis.

When my professional career brought me to Osnabrück I didn’t find good possibilities to pursue my sports, so I began to look for people interested in training. What started as a small training group became a registered non-profit association, the “Pekiti Tirsia Osnabrück e.V.”.

I am looking forward to see how the Filipino Martial Arts will develop in the near future and I hope to make an active contribution in shaping its future.

Andreas Düresch
Silver Star Instructor

Germany, Aschersleben

Through my professional career as an internationally active bodyguard and security officer for government and private sector, I learned to appreciate practical and realistically self-defence skills. I have found this in Armadong Kali.

My training in martial arts began in 1990. I first started with karate and kickboxing. From 1993 to 2010 I trained WingTsun and Escrima and I also trained Thai boxing and Luta Livre.

Through my professional career as an internationally active bodyguard and security officer for government and the private sector, I got in contact with Krav Maga and Kapap in 1999. I am holding an instructor ranking there.


At some point in my professional life I decided that I only want to practice realistic things. I did not want to waste my time on training that is not practical.


Since 2014, I train PTK and Armadong Kali directly with Punong Bantay Tuhon Uli Weidle and others from the formidable Pekiti Tirsia Europe instructor team. I also visited the Philippines for training camp.


Pekiti Tirsia and Armadong Kali is a practical and realistic Martial Art. It provides life-saving training on how to use weapons and the human body for self-protection. This is combined with a life-appreciating attitude and many intriguing experiences.

More instructor profiles will be added here as the pictures and profiles become available.


For a current list a Armadong Kali instructors and partners have a look at: Official Partners

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