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Armadong Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Europe

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

After I introduced Armadong Kali in March 2018, I had lots of feedback and numerous of pleasant conversations with interested persons.

Three questions were most commonly asked:

  1. How do I see the future of Pekiti Tirsia Europe?

  2. Why a new name for what I do?

  3. The relationship between Pekiti Tirsia Europe and Armadong Kali?

I'd like to answer those questions in this blog post.

Question 1: The future of Pekiti Tirsia Europe

For more than 25 years the Pekiti Tirsia Europe organisation was almost like a child to me: After Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje commissioned me, I have created the organisation and guided it through its childhood and adolescent years. Now the organisation is more than 25 years old, it has matured and it is time for it to stand on its own feed.

That Pekiti Tirsia Europe has matured doesn't mean that I'll turn my back and walk away. Like any good parent I am always available if advice or help is needed, but after 25 years it is about time, that the organisation has to become independent, make own decisions and walk its own way.

That is why at the 20 years PTE anniversary celebration, which we celebrated in the presence of Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and his son, the PTE Council of Three has been announced as the new governing body of Pekiti Tirsia Europe. At the time this blog post has been written the Council of Three has fully constituted and is now active serving the needs of PTE.

The current PTE Council members and myself are all in good terms. In fact we are good friends for many years and we are ready to work together for the benefit of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe organisation and its members.

Personally I have all interest to see the PTE to live long and prosper. The PTE Council is committed to do everything possible to facilitate Pekiti Tirsia Europes success and I will be there to help and support whenever needed. May Pekiti Tirsia Europe live long and shine bright into the future!

Question 2: Why a name for what I do?

Having successfully passed on the management of Pekiti Tirsia Europe to the next generation, means in no way that I plan to retire from teaching. On the contrary! I am full of ideas and energy, and I still have plenty to give and to share. I will continue training and sharing my personal understanding of the Art. I am using a distinct name for what I do, because I don't want my way to be confused with my teachers ways. It is a sign of respect to my teachers.

Another reason for me to choose a name for what I teach is, because I don't want to impose in any way on the freedom of the PTE Council to decide in whatever way they find best for Pekiti Tirsia Europe and its practitioners. With me using a distinct name for what I do, they have their freedom as I have mine.

Armadong Kali is the name I use for my personal understanding of Martial Arts. Armadong Kali practitioners are those who are practising close enough with me, that they have my personal "fingerprint" in their way of doing things.

Question 3: Pekiti Tirsia Europe and Armadong Kali

Starting from the early 1990s Pekiti Tirsia Europes Kali training guideline was build from my understanding of Pekiti Tirsia and Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gajes personal instruction. It can be said, that throughout the years PTE always had a distinct touch of Tuhon Uli. Armadong Kali is giving a name to that touch.

For the future Armadong Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Europe will be like good brothers. Armadong Kali practitioners will be embedded in Pekiti Tirsia Europe and work closely together with the international Pekiti Tirsia community and other martial arts.

Power Up & Kali On!

Uli Weidle

Armadong Kali & Pekiti Tirsia Europe – like good friends
Armadong Kali & Pekiti Tirsia Europe – like good friends

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