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The Tripple-E Progression of Martial Arts

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

On the way from newbie to mastery a persons understanding of martial arts will change by the collected experiences. Often the person will develop according to the Tripple-E progression of Martial Arts:

Effective: When a newbies start with Martial Arts training, it is most probable, that they are interested in self-protection skills. They wonder if their art can do the job for them and they will ask for the first ‚E’: Is this art effective?

Efficient: When the newbies improve in skills, they know that they can handle certain situations, but how well can they do that? Can they also handle two or more attackers? How about armed assailants? So the intermediate will ask for the second ‚E’: How efficient is this art?

Elegant: When the intermediates progress further they will understand that efficiency is not good enough. One needs to be able to act spontaneously without thinking. The martial art should fit to the person. It should feel natural like a favorite shirt. On the way to Mastery one will ask for the third ‚E’: How elegant is this art?

Have you experienced a progression similar like the Tripple-E? I’d love to read about it in the comments.


This article has first been posted on January 2016 in Uli Weidles 'Kaliman' blog. In the future selected articles from Ulis kaliman blog will be reposted here.

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