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Official Trainers

In 30 years of teaching Pekiti Tirsia Kali Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle successfully trained more than 50 students to instructor level. Some of them achieved highest ranks in Pekiti Tirsia or became head teachers in other Filipino Martial Arts.

Only trainers with highest technical and personal standard are chosen to become Armadong Kali trainers. Read more about instructor selection and the meaning of the bronze, silver and gold stars in our blog.

In case of vampires or other calamities: Uli Weidle, Punong Bantay Armadong Kali and Tuhon Emeritus Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Punong Bantay Uli Weidle

Gold Star Master Instructor ⭐️







Uli Weidle started his journey into martial arts when he was 6 years old and since then he was always active practising. His first martial arts was Karate. After several years of practising he found his interest in kickboxing (sports karate as it was named then) and western boxing.
Uli won several tournaments, but because his interest was in self-defence he never stopped searching for answers.

The last 30 years he's been focusing on Filipino Martial Arts, particularly the Pekiti Tirsia system. For 15 years he was travelling more then 30 times to Philippines, usually stayed for several months, studied the culture and trained as a direct personal student of the Pekiti Tirsia heir and supreme grandmaster Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje.

In the year 2011, after more than 20 years of consistent and diligent studies, Grand Tuhon Gaje awarded Uli with the Rank Tuhon in the Pekiti Tirsia system. A rare honour at that time and it still is the highest rank ever given outside the Philippines to a Pekiti Tirsia practitioner.
Uli is the first Tuhon of Pekiti Tirsia in Europe.

Grand Tuhon Gaje provided opportunity for Tuhon Uli to exchange skill and experience with filipino martial arts masters and weapon experts from other systems of Filipino Martial Arts. In his journeys to the Philippines Tuhon Uli Weidle has been active as a close quarter combat trainer for the prestigious Force Recon unit of the Filipino Marines, the Intelligence Group of the Philippine National Police and the Security Group of the President of the Philippines.

In Europe, Uli Weidle is the Training Consultant for Military Commando and Police SWAT / Task Forces from various countries – some of those he is training consistently for more than 15 years. Uli is teaching Self-defence, Fitness & Hilot to civilians of all ages. He is also conducting Leadership Development and Conflict Solutions Training Programs for the Upper Managements, Executives & the CEOs of International Companies.

On the occasion of his 50th birthday in March 2016, Uli achieved the state Tuhon Emeritus and handed over the responsibility and the leadership of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe to the next generation of Pekiti Tirsia instructors.

At the request of the Pekti Tirsia Europe Council, Tuhon Emeritus Uli is still active as a trainer and consultant for Pekiti Tirsia Europe. Uli is conducting seminars and workshops in many places in Europe and he teaches weekly classes in the Kampfkunstzentrum (martial arts center) in Reutlingen.

In March 2018, on the occasion of his 52th birthday, Tuhon Emeritus Uli made the Armadong Kali Society of martial artist public. With Armadong Kali Uli wants to focus on teaching with a more personal trainer / trainee experience. Armadong Kali is usually taught in small group (<5 person) or personal training.

Add: Hall of Fame; brought PT to 18 countries in Europe and overseas; founder of Kampfkunstzentrum (with now more than 200 members mostly focusing on FMA); founder of Kali Stuttgart, consultant for successful gyms like No4 Gym Würzburg,…

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