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Armadong Kali
Study Course

You are curious about Armadong Kali or you want to deepen your knowledge and skills in Armadong Kali? You might want to lead an Armadong Kali practice group yourself someday? You are physically and mentally in good shape, have no criminal record and are willing to invest time on the weekends for your goals? Then the Arka training series is right for you!

The Armadong Kali Training series

Because not everyone has a Kali practice group within reach, we offer the possibility to learn Armadong Kali through courses.
The training to become a trainer or instructor takes place in three steps:

  1. Learning the techniques and exercises with the Armadong Kali Basics Courses: three weekends Basics I, Basics II, Basics II

  2. Polishing the techniques: for example, individual training in small groups (i4i training).
  3. Trainer knowledge: What to look for when teaching: Training for Trainers (T4T)

ArKa Basics Weekend Courses

The courses of the ArKa Basics series are the most important part of the training series: they teach in concentrated form and in detail the substance (techniques and exercises) of Armadong Kali. The ArKa Basics courses answer the questions "What should I train?".


The series consists of three weekend courses that build on each other:

  1. "The Foundation" - Elementary movement patterns and techniques of the ArKa system. Body weapons (empty hands), knife and stick are covered. Exercises can be practiced solo and with a partner.

  2. "Into The Flow" - dynamic partner exercises for better internalization and consolidation of the elementary movement patterns from "The Foundation" course. Training is mainly based on the "Disruptive Flow Exercise" approach of Armadong Kali. The knowledge of the movement patterns from part 1 ("The Foundation") is assumed.

  3. "Let's get it on" - Using ArKa tactics to solve practical situations. This course involves training with protective equipment. Participation in Parts 1 and 2 of the course series, physical fitness and sufficient practice of Part 1 and Part 2 material is required.

When we visit a place for the second time, we see it with different eyes. This also applies to the training courses. If you are serious about your training, you will visit courses 1-3 at least twice. The second time, we have a better trained eye for important details and bring a better basic understanding that makes the courses a new experience. In 2024, we will offer course parts 1 and 2 twice. This allows you to make up for a missed date or repeat to deepen your experience. Those who are not ready for part 3 at the end of the year can attend this part the following year.


The I4I trainings allow individual fine-tuning of techniques and exercises. The training takes place in smallest groups (4 persons).
The days after a training course are ideal for the I4I trainings. Dates can be arranged freely throughout the year. We emphasize training in personal and direct contact, but where appropriate modern communication channels (zoom, chat etc) can be used during the I4I phase.

T4T = Training for Trainers

In the Training for Trainers courses, we support our trainers in areas that are helpful for building a training group and for designing or conducting training courses.


ArKa Basics I "The Foundation"

16-17 March 2024 Reutlingen   Sa 13:00–19:00   Su 09:00–15:00
28-29 Sept 2024 Reutlingen   Sa 13:00–19:00   Su 09:00–15:00

ArKa Basics II "Into the Flow

8-9 June 2024 Reutlingen   Sa 13:00–19:00   Su 09:00–15:00
26-27 Oct 2024 Reutlingen   Sa 13:00–19:00   Su 09:00–15:00

ArKa Basics III "Let's get it on"

14-15 Dec 2024 Reutlingen   Sa 13:00–19:00   Su 09:00–15:00


The courses can be booked individually or as a flat for the whole year.
Bring your training partner and benefit from our partner discount.

Attendance of one course:

Solo: 180€ for 1 person

Partner discount: 250€ for 2 persons

ArKa Basics Flatrate for 1 year (5 weekends):

Solo Flat: 600€ for 1 person
Partner Flat: 850€ for 2 persons

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