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Armadong Kali Pricing Policy

Train when you can, pay as you can

In Armadong Kali we don't judge the value of persons by the size of their wallet. A person with good character and the desire to learn and train is always welcome. That is why we have our 'pay as you can' policy: For most seminars, members of Armadong Kali Society can decide freely how much they want to donate to support the seminar.

When Armadong Kali instructors open their own training groups, it is common practice, that active group members are encouraged to support the Armadong Kali Society. That way bigger and more successful groups support the growth of younger or smaller groups. We don't use contracts to bind people to this practice. It is simply a matter of fairness and good character to reciprocate.

For training events, where we can not offer our 'pay as you can' policy, we usually implement special cost savers for families, trainers and bronze, silver or gold members. We encourage our national and international partners to do the same.

Our Cost Savers for Champions, Families and Trainers​:

Bronze, Silver & Gold Champion Savers

If members or trainers of Armadong Kali are very actively engaging in advancement training or distinguishing themselves by being successful in fights, public demonstrations, or by years of membership, they can achieve a bronze, silver or gold status. With this status comes a bonus in attending Armadong Kali seminars:

  • Bronze Champion Saver: 10% discount

  • Silver Champion Saver: 20% discount

  • Gold Champion Saver: 30% discount

Family Savers: Pay One - Train All

Some of our training events are designed as Family Events. In those events we plan training schedule and accommodation, so that it is possible to bring your family, even though they may not be actively sharing your passion for Martial Arts.


If your spouse or children decide to join the training, then they can participate free of charge. This is not applicable to double income, no kids families.

Trainers Savers: Register with Three, One is Free

If an Armadong Kali trainer registers together with three students, then one of the four persons will be allowed to train free of charge. Certainly all four persons need to be members of Armadong Kali Society.

Becoming a member

You can download the membership application form and send it by email <> or fax (+49 7121 371124)​

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