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Building success with others

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

What intrigues me about the martial arts is the apparent contrast between their obvious goal and the training process used: the apparent main goal of the martial arts is to defeat others. In contrast, training of martial arts is a process that allows us to learn how to become more successful by building our success along with the success of others.

Training Process in Armadong Kali

Let's take a look at the training process in Armadong Kali: In Armadong Kali, we learn to protect ourselves by letting our trainer or partner act as an opponent.

Unlike a true opponent who might want to destroy us with all his destructive capability, our trainers and partners help us by attacking us with the appropriate energy and technique so that we can then learn to deal with it.

Finding the proper energy and technique

It is the responsibility of our training partners to find the balance between attacking too easy and too hard.

If the attacks are too easy, the training will become boring and show no progress.

If the attacks are too hard, the training will be injury-prone and frustrating.

By finding the proper attack pressure our training partners challenge us to grow and to improve our defensive skills.

A good defence improves the offence

When the defense skills on our side improve, our partner can safely attack with higher intensity.

As soon as the defense becomes so good that the partners have difficulty launching a successful attack, they feel compelled to improve their offensive skills.

A working defence points to a flaw in the offence

In Armadong Kali, we do not stop the process when we have found a satisfactory defense against an attack.

We consider the presence of a good defense as an indication of a weakness in the offense.

We strive to improve the original attack so that it can neutralize the found defensive technique without losing the original tactical value of the attack.

"No idle hands! No idle feet!" is a basic rule for Armadong Kali that always reminds us to keep the process in motion.

Honest progress is progress for all

The whole process started with our trainer sharing his attack skills with us so we can improve our ability to counter those attacks.

Then we use the experience to find an improved attack that neutralizes the counterattack but still serves the purpose of the original attack.

This improved attack in turn presents a challenge to improve the defense skill.

Through this process of honest feedback, both attack and defense techniques evolve as the training partners progress together.

Building our success together with the success of others

At Armadong Kali, we experience how we can build our success by sharing our knowledge and helping others to be successful.

The better our training partners become, the better we can become with their support. We help our training partners to improve and they help us.

The Armadong Kali training process is a cycle of growth based on trust and support.

It is like standing on the shoulders of giants that allows us to see further - the meaningful Armadong component is to grow people's minds so that they are able to comprehend what they discover once they stand on the shoulders of giants.

Power Up & Kali On!

Tuhon Uli Weidle

June 30, 2018

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