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The Strike–Attack–Dominate seminar series in the year 2019 provides a compact experience of the Armadong Kali system as a practical system for self-defence, as a useful life support system and as a guideline for proper problem solving.

The three seminars follow the three golden guidelines of self–defence:

1. protect yourself

2. neutralise danger

3. remove danger

part 1: STRIKE

Strike : when a sudden development leads to a surprising, sometimes shock like understanding, that something is about to happen. In short: when life took the other turn…

In the Strike part of the strike–attack–dominate seminar series we are training your first planned or unplanned response options, once you find yourself or your loved ones under sudden attack. We are addressing the first second of a fight and the minute preceding a fight.

Training the functional foundation of Armadong Kali, this seminar teaches really more than techniques: It allows to experience a seasoned warriors philosophy build on peaceful awareness, tactical positioning and survivors spirit. Live longer, because you can recognise and understand the meaning of “smoke at the horizon” before you "get burned by the fire".

If the material of the Strike part of the Strike—Attack—Dominate seminar series is applied successfully, then there won’t be any physical fighting or the fight will be stopped within the first three seconds.

part 2: Attack

If the material from the first part of the seminar series failed, then you may find yourself as the target of an ongoing attack.

In the Attack part of the Strike–Attack–Dominate seminar series we focus on this situation and train tactical counter attacks, which will open opportunities for your immediate escape, for gaining time (escape of loved ones) or direct attacker neutralisation.

To develop those skills we practice flow skills, bridging skills and symmetrical / asymmetrical self-defence sparring.

part 3: Dominate

Sometimes life puts us in a position of disadvantage.

In the Dominate part of the Strike–Attack–Dominate series we focus on regaining control and dominance in a situation, that started with us at a severe disadvantage.

You may get targeted as a victim while you were picking up something that you just dropped, or an aggressor may appear out of nowhere while you were helping your child to fix their clothes.

It may be tempting to give in to „fate“ when understanding, that the attackers have positional advantage – to let it happen and let them dominate the situation.

But if life and health of loved ones is at stake, then giving up is no option. As a person with the survivors mentality from part 1 of the seminar series we understand that. No matter how tough is the problem, we will always look for solutions and sometimes the key to turn a situation with disadvantage to a position of dominance is as close as your own elbow or knee.

In the Dominate part of the series we also address, that once you were able to stop the immediate attack, then it is necessary to create a situation of control, so that you can minimize violence in your future life.

Once a secured position of balance and strength is found, then you can understand how to be in control of your life.


Armadong Kali is an effective self-defence system that fits in our modern society. It is an expression of a life philosophy of health & success. That is how Armadong Kali starts with solid techniques and with growing experience it becomes more than techniques.

Trainers and students of Pekiti Tirsia Europe may realise that the Strike–Attack–Dominate seminars teach the Foundation Level, Rank 1, Rank 2&3 of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe curriculum in a no nonsense functional form.

The seminars are weekends. Each is followed by a three days training workshop in which the seminar material is trained in a small group setting.

  1. Strike April 13/14

  2. Attack July 6/7

  3. Dominate Sept 28/29

As usual members of PTE or Armadong Kali Society are free to decide if or how much they want to donate to support the camp.

Get Ready! Power Up & Kali On!

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