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Armadong Kali

Armadong Kali is a society of Kali practitioners, who train together with Pekiti Tirsia Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle to maintain the philosophy, spirit and fighting methods of Filipino Martial Arts.

  1. Armadong Kali is a pressure tested martial arts with real life applicable solutions and values.

  2. Armadong Kali is built on experience, life appreciating values, and a dynamic exchange in the community of the practitioners.

  3. Armadong Kali is about personal trainer / trainee relationship and in every meaning of it: training for life.

Armadong Kalista are martial artists, who practice to become the best version of themselves they can be, and who want to inspire to make the world a better place.

Armadong Kali brings out the best in you!

Our Official Trainers

In 30 years of teaching Pekiti Tirsia Kali Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle successfully trained more than 50 students to instructor level. Some achieved highest ranks in Pekiti Tirsia or became head teachers in other Filipino Martial Arts.

Only trainers with highest technical and personal standard are chosen to become Armadong Kali trainers. Read more about instructor selection and the meaning of the bronze, silver and gold stars in our blog.

Official Armadong Partners

Featured Armadong Kali Trainers

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